1AmTh3H3ll10n is the first of Never's allies to reveal herself. She uses what Never refers to as "reverse alphanumeric code" to speak to not only Never, but occasionally to the viewers to help Never find clues. She gives Never specific instructions on where to go and what to do in order to not only find information, but on how to protect herself as well. She seems to be the most trustworthy of Never's advisors and is the reason for the formation of the Sparrows, asking them to help her protect Never. It seems as if she is the least affected by the Slenderman.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

1AmTh3H3ll10n's appearance is unknown for sure, but it is assumed that they are female. She seems to be a very determined character and goes out of her way to do anything and everything she can to help Never. She does, though, insist upon being in absolute control of the Sparrows. There is quite a bit of speculation on where she comes from, though the answer that is offered most often is that she is another side of Never and possibly what Never "the thing that never should have existed". She is much more distant than 5il3ntm0th and has proven that her main goal is to protect Never. She is, though, the one who suggested that Never contact the Nightmares, leading to Never being wrapped up in a dangerous situation between the Nightmares and Shadowlurkers when Hanna and Silver notice that focus has shifted to Never, connected the two groups, if only temporarily.

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