Something seems to be bothering him. This is a snapshot from a video Silver recorded of Hanna explaining the situation. There is also what could be Slenderman in the background.

Atako is a former ally of Hanna's. A close eye is currently being kept on him for everyone's safety.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Atako was initially from Texas at the beginnimg of the Chaos series before moving to Colorado. He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, as well as tan skin.

After Shard's transformation, he turned against Hanna, blaming her for what happened. Since then, he has apparently attempted to hand Silence over to the Nightmares so that word of it would not get to Hanna. He is very easily angered and will stop at nothing to end Hanna's search for answers. He has also shown much interest in Never's death, causing the others to guess that he may try to join the Nightmares.

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