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NeverTurnBack follows "Never", a young girl being haunted by a being known as "Slenderman". It is highly interactive and allows for viewers and followers of the series to change the plot.


NeverTurnBack follows a young girl known as "Never" by her followers as she searchs for a way to end what turns out to be a haunting by the "Slenderman". At first, she simply seeks answers for her paranoia, trouble sleeping, and hallucinations that escalate into her also hearing and smelling something that is not there. As time goes on, she finds herself caught in a web of chaos, torn between multiple people with their own purposes, each telling her to do something entirely different from the others. Although none of her "allies" seem to be trustworthy, she chooses to listen to their advice, carefully putting pieces of information from all sides together. Despite this, though, the haunting continues and it seems there are no answers. Until something is let loose.

Something that never should have been allowed to exist. Something that she had hidden all of her life, just beneath the surface.



Videos will be posted to keep viewers up to date on what is happening with Never. The links will be below in chronological order on the same day as or the day after the video itself is posted on YouTube.

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