Santana is the "leader" of the Nightmares. It was suggested by 1AmTh3H3ll10n that Never try to contact him.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Santana is a malevolent being that Never contacts after 1AmTh3H3ll10n suggests she go to him for answers. He refuses to answer any of Never's questions, resulting in H3ll10n's intervention. After, he appears to be much more interested in Never, asking her constant questions about her and her family. He reacts very negatively when Hanna offers to help, yet again refusing to speak.

He does not show himself again until Soul reveals a particularly dangerous piece of information about him, resulting in her supposed execution. He tells Never to disregard anything that Soul had told her while he was "away".

Santana appears as a young man wearing a jacket with the hood pulled up over his head with a black mask. His eyes appear to be bright red with no pupils. The current theory is that he is some sort of demon that has taken control of one of Never's friends.

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