Wraith is a more elusive member of the Nightmares. He seems to be on Never's side, but he is also known to be very loyal to Santana.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Wraith is supposed to be a spirit that has taken control of Never's former best friend, Alex. He has medium-length black hair and black eyes. He wears a pale grey mask and a black jacket.

Wraith seems to enjoy riddles, as is shown by how he uses riddles that must be solved in order for Never or anyone on her side to gain information from him. He seems to know more than he lets on about both sides, always hiding something from them. He admits at one point that his loyalty lies with Santana, but that the way Santana is trying to take care of things is the wrong way and that it is up to him to correct what Santana has done. This leads to the assumption that he freed Soul before she was executed for giving information to Never and the Sparrows openly.

Wraith has a tendency to react violently when he is interfered with, as is shown when the Shadowlurkers arrive and begin interfering with communication between the Nightmares and Never. He responds to this by temporarily blinding Hanna, who is an important pawn for the Shadowlurkers, until the connection is returned. He also attempts to kill Silver when she tries to warn Never to abandon her attempts to get information from him, though he refrains after Never explains how important Silver is to all sides.

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